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SonicVPN Installer [v11]



*** Please make sure to completely UNINSTALL old SonicVPN first before proceeding with the new installation. After install it, run the program ‘Run as Administrator‘.

Current Version: SonicVPN v11

Installer Size: 3.35 MB

Updated: 09/08/2014

New Features:

  • You can open custom port entering Port number ( range from 30 to 65535 ) on every server on the list, up to 200 port to be open on every server. By opening custom port, you can check any open port from your internet, allow you to connect through it to bypass any blocked website/restriction and play any online games that has been blocked from your internet provider.
  • New server, with Singapore Gaming server.

Sonic VPN – Android & iOS Configuration [update 19/04/2014] [v4]

*** Easy Once Click Android and iOS Config creation for SonicVPN. *** The tutorial were included on the ZIP file. *** For *** Should be working on *** Android Certificate password : *** Please read after generate config:

  • Tutorial – iOS Config – SonicVPN.pdf “.
  • SonicVPN Android Non-Root Tutorial.pdf “.



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Last update: 09/08/2014

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